Is the cost of a year at 3D justified?
The amount of life-skill, social-skill, financial-skill, management-skill, planning-skill, organizational skill, leadership-skill, discipline, mentorship and exposure to career opportunities your child will receive in one year cannot be purchased at this price, anywhere else!
A recent study of top corporate executives has shown that the majority of them only entered their field of success after the age of 25. Most students don't know what they want to do and really only find their career-of-choice after age 25. The wasted years searching, studying and paying can not be recovered. A year at 3D has the potential to launch your child into their career-of-choice (Destiny) 5 years before their peers, enabling them to get a jump-start on those they will be competing against for employment
Can I financially afford to place my child at 3D Revelation Campus?
When you consider what it currently costs you to keep, feed, educate, ferry, develop and entertain your child you are probably already 80% towards the cost of having your child at 3D. You need to sit down and make the calculations - you cannot simply add the cost of 3D on top of your existing budget.
What influences will my child be exposed to at 3D?
3D Revelation Campus is a Christian environment and all the staff are confessing Christians active in their own church setting. The lecture staff too are Christians drawn from all walks of life and successful in their own area of influence and expertise. Most are top executives and leaders in their field.
Is a Year at 3D not a waste of time and money?
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