Emfuleni - Place "By the River"

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What To Bring

Updated: September 2018
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What we have!

• Duvets, Pillows, Blankets, Towels
• Bed Sheets & Pillow Cases
• Cutlery, Crockery, Kitchen Utensils
• Pots, Pans, Braai equipment
• Fridge, microwave and stove
• One room with double bed and en-suite bath, shower, basin and toilet
• One room with double bed and en-suite shower, basin and toilet
• One room with two single beds and en-suite shower, basin and toilet
• Two extra mattresses under the beds, with no bedding
• Top-load washing machine for your convenience

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What you need to bring!

• Food
• Swimming Towels
• Soaps, Detergents
• Toilet Paper
• Personal Toiletries
• Black Rubbish bags
• Charcoal
• Firewood (Can be purchased at reception at the Drakensberg Sun Hotel or from local roadside vendors)

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When you arrive!

• Park on the carport slab. The switch for the outside light is against the wall of the house just above the green bin. (Double switch). Proceed to the security gate and open the combination lock with the code provided to you. (You may need a flashlight if it is dark). Slide the security gate to the right. Proceed to the back door and open the combination lock with the code provided to you.
• Switch on the fridge at the wall. Switch on the geyser at the distribution board in the passage.
• The Gardener's name is Renzo. He normally works once a week, most likely on a Tuesday (subject to the weather). Please allow him to do his work - he will not disrupt your stay for long.
• Do not use any maid. Phumi is our regular. Contact us if you would like to have her for any additional days during your stay. She knows the house and what is expected. We will arrange for her to clean up after your departure or on the last day for which we will pay her from your booking fees. Any additional days you require her will be charged for additionally.
• Please ensure that there is always a black bag in the refuse bin. Refuse is collected on a Monday from the green wheelie bin but will not be removed if it is not in a black bag.
• Always please secure the green wheelie bin lid. The baboons and the monkeys in the vicinity often raid the bins and if successful they become a nuisance.

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Please complete our arrival survey once you have settled - click here!