Find rest and peace!

Placeholder Picture

Bedroom 1

Sleeps 2 - air conditioned

Bedroom 3

Sleeps 2 on bunk beds

Bedroom 2

Sleeps 2 on single beds - air conditioned

View from Bedroom 1

Gaze across the ocean


Self-Catering luxury

Dining area and Kitchen

Eat your heart out

The lounge and the loft

Feels llike heaven...

The loft view

Rest and breathe

When you need to get away from the bunch...

Step up to the comfort of the loft

The loft seating

Built to enjoy but you need to climb the stairs

The lounge leading onto the patio

Leads out onto the patio

The lounge

Enjoy good company with family and friends

Walk your heart out on our beautiful sandy beach

Come back inside completely relaxed... and windswept
Enjoy a weekend break or a week long stay at our safe, tranquil and idyllic family unit situated right on the beautiful Hibberdene coastline.

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