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Short-term insurance provides the peace of mind of not having to dip too deeply into your own pocket when you suffer damage or loss of your vehicles / House Contents / Building and All Risk. Rest easy knowing that your cover protects you against theft, an accident, or something going wrong.

An unforeseen car emergency can have a major impact on the livelihood and everyday life of your family. Safeguard your vehicles against any potential car insurance or roadside risk to ensure that you keep the wheels going, no matter what gets in your way.

It is often a painful experience to realise just how easy it is to underestimate the value of your home contents. Your financial adviser will recommend a complete assessment of your home contents to determine if your valuables and assets are sufficiently covered based on their true replacement value.

Your house is most likely your most valuable asset. Yet, it is exposed to a myriad of everyday risks, most of which are often beyond your control. Your financial plan should include comprehensive building cover to ensure that your home is sufficiently insured according to its replacement or rebuilding value.

You can’t keep your valuables locked up in a secure location every day. All Risk cover will ensure that personal items such as laptops, sporting equipment, clothes and any other specified expensive lifestyle items are sufficiently covered every time you set foot outside.

Commercial insurance is insurance for a business. ... This insurance can provide valuable protection against such things as theft, property damage, and liability. It can also provide coverage for business interruption and employee injuries.

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