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The vision of a Christian school came to Ps Billy Smook in 1952 while standing on the banks of the Vals River in the Free State! He said to the principal of the Berea Bible Seminary, where he was a student: "Dr Grobbelaar, I have just received a word from the Lord: one day we will have our own Christian School"

Years later this Word was confirmed by the utterance of a prophet, Pastor Ed Traute.

This vision came to pass in 1988 during a morning service at "The House of the Lord" - Full Gospel Church Airfield, Benoni, where from the pulpit he announced: "next year we are opening our own Christian School".

Once said, there was no turning back and this lead to the opening of Shanan Christian School on the 13th January 1989, in the home of Pastor and Mrs Smook. The school has grown tremendously since then, with proper school buildings being erected on the property.

Mr Vincent Willems was the first principal of the school: 1989 - 1991.

Celebrating 30 Years
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