World Evangelization
That All May Hear

An Introduction to Missions
Steef van 't Slot

Steef van 't Slot

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Steef and Tineke lived in South Africa with their four children for 8 years. In 2006 they returned to the Netherlands as a family, but Steef kept on traveling to teach his courses on mission awareness throughout Africa.
Now that the children are all out of the house and have families of their own, Steef will continue working in missions.

They see their mission as twofold.

Steef occupies himself with teaching the Church missions consciousness and training future missionaries.

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Steef van 't Slot

The Author

An Introduction to Missions

Intro - Video

Biblical Basis for World Evangelization

Chapter 1 - Video
Chapter Text

History of World Evangelization

Chapter 2 - Video
Chapter Text

Geography and Ethnology of World Evangelization

Chapter 3 - Video
Chapter Text

The first barrier to World Evangelization

Chapter 4 - Video
Chapter Text

The second barrier to World Evangelization

Chapter 5 - Part 1
Chapter 5 - Part 2
Chapter Text

Non-Christian Religions & Philosophies
The Third Barrier

Chapter 6 - Video
Chapter Text

The People for World Missions

Chapter 7 - Video
Chapter Text

Agencies for World Missions:
Who Does What & Where?

Chapter 8 - Video
Chapter Text

Creating a World Missions Strategy in Your Church

Chapter 9 - Video
Chapter Text

Two More Critical Issues!

Chapter 10 - Part 1
Chapter 10 - Part 2
Chapter Text

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